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We create effective strategies, charismatic identities,
relatable content and unforgettable experiences
to connect people to music brands and startups,
with love, and made in New York City.
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Whether your company is new or newly
established, we work with you to map your goals to your customers’ needs while clarifying your brand’s purpose, and finding its voice.
Lets Rock!
We build brands that keep one hand on the pulse of their customer’s journey and one hand on the heart. We help brands build culture.
Visit our content factory where we
conceptualize, create and deliver high-caliber, thought-provoking, and relatable content that is backed by strategic thinking. 
We use advertising to build communities
for brands, through strategic planning and engaging storytelling that make your
potential customers say, Wow!
Branding is no longer just about selling your products and services online. It’s about creating
an experience with your brand culture.
 We strive to create the highest quality content backed by strategic thinking that helps music brands and businesses launch products and build lasting relationships with their communities. 
Liminality Records
ELEQT - Quintessentially Group
ELEQT - Quintessentially Group
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DJ Select - NYC
Peroni Beer Italy
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